May 2016 minutes

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May 18th 2016



Call to Order


Review of Minutes

    Approve April 2016 minutes


Treasurer’s Report



Committee Reports


    Membership –   Paid members to date  155.
Free membership for family of incoming freshmen
— Increasing membership dues to $20


    License Plates – on the webpage, no inquiries


    Discount Program – will now promote the website company who hosts our website as they are going to sponsor it again for another year at no charge to us.


    Social: great event, raised about $500

        — will create a survey to send out to people who went to social, social media, etc.          to see feedback about fundraising, events etc.

        — $500 check from PSAA, we need to get a letter from Pat Chambers


    Bracelets – sold 3 at the social.  


    THON Event – n/a


Freshmen Send-Off – Aug 14th, 1-3 pm. Have one speaker so far. Discussed gift ideas and food recommendations.


    Christmas Party – n/a


    Newsletter/Webpage/Social Media – gave lots of stats for FB posts. 11 new likes/total of 393, 77 followers on twitter; most retweets from Coach Chambers pictures, 12 members in LinkedIn group.


    Community –  n/a

    Marketing/Publicity/Advertising –  advertising in the Collegian for Student Bus trip, especially from money from the money we won from the Elm Chapter raffle


    Scholarship – got applicants, will vote on them before next meeting and send an email to confirm on our choices.


Old Business


    Student Bus Trip  – need to fill out paperwork. Will continue to promote.


    Flyers fundraiser – double checking on amount from that event


    Phillies game- will find out how much we made by next month


    Great Adventure- can buy thru 6 flags. Will let other chapters know, depending on turnout, they may offer this to us next year


New Business:


    Rodeo?? – saturday in july



    Got 2 emails that people would like to get involved, Matt will get back to them


Good of the Organization

    Can promote check we received from PSAA for $1000 in the Elm level chapter’s random drawing. Half will go to scholarships, half will go to the regular fund


Next meeting June 15th