January 2016 Board Minutes

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Treasury: no updated report. Bill stated around $6000 after Christmas party. Got 5 new members this month. $114 profit for hockey tickets.

License plates: Cheryl Tomesetti, on the website.

Bracelets: sold a handful, good with materials for now.

Christmas party: great success. 60 kids, will re-look at ordering food for next year as we had a surplus of hotdogs and pasta. Some kids did not like some smaller gifts but they are kids after all. Thank you notes sent out. Some people did ask about Philly Phanatic.

THON: Feb 17th, 7pm at PJs in Cherry Hill. 30 people break even. About 12 people signed up so far.

Social: Coach Chambers may be able to make a weekend in May. If he cannot, we will postpone until Fall.

Fundraising: On The Border gives 10% when someone states fundraiser for dinner, may want to plan in the future. 50/50 tickets for next season may run all season long. Will contact MontCo Chapter about raffle for next football season before we buy season tickets.

Freshmen Sendoff: Date August 14th, going to have 2 people book it, one in the morning and a second in the afternoon. Backup date is the 7th.

Social Media: connect twitter account on newsletter. Have 32 followers like the Penn Stater and Lou Prato.

Bus Charter: gets dates for 2016-2017 for next meeting to set it up. Seems as though Fullington really wants us to book it.

New Business: flyers game, proceeds go to our chapter just like the hockey tickets. Plaque for Donna McMan as a thank you.

Correspondence: thank you cards from scholarships recipients.

Up Next: THON night, meeting before at PJs