July 2016 minutes

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July 20th 2016


Call to Order

Review of Minutes

Approve June 2016 minutes

Treasurer’s Report


Committee Reports

Membership –   Paid members to date  __starting count for new school year___

***extra $5 from membership increase will go directly to Scholarship funds

License Plates – n/a

Discount Program –   no new companies

Social Events/Fundraising

  1. Laurie, came up with motion for *** with membership
  2. Newark NJ, Basketball game against Pitt, Dec 10th (might be a conflict with Christmas Party but worth noting)
  3. Speaker: Kitchen Guy from HGTV, willing to be the speaker and fee can go to scholarship fund. Voted to have him, may try to get Tina Hay, Editor of the Penn Stater. Late March, early April, depending on venues. Sunday brunch.

Bracelets – $404 worth of bracelets at Alumni Conference

THON Event –

Wednesday, Feb 15th, 2017 at PJs in Cherry Hill, $20 per person, snow date is Feb 22nd


Freshman Send-Off – Aug 14th,     1-3

Troy Singletom will be attending to give away scholarship

Dave Lion, if we cant get a student, we can get a suit

Items needed: coolers, tables, banner, sound system, football magnets, canopy, photographer, cardboard checks, poster for bus trips, flash drives

Arrive at 11:30

Christmas Party – Starting to plan dates, maybe Dec 10th

Newsletter/Webpage/Social Media –.

When will Chapter mailed new letter go out  → John will let us know, it is in the making

Community –

Marketing/Publicity/Advertising –



Old Business, appr

Football ticket raffle,

Tickets purchased and on sale 110 tickets = break even

Mont Co has 100 to sell

Only 7 sold so far

Student Bus Trip  –

Advertising   Collegian   website, facebook, freshman send off

    Great Adventure

        Discount posted  sent to all local chapters       


    Leadership conference  

New Business:




Good of the Organization

Next meeting September 21st

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