June 2016 minutes

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June 15th 2016




Call to Order


Review of Minutes

Approve May 2016 minutes


Treasurer’s Report Reviewed


Committee Reports


Membership –   Paid members to date: June 30th is end of 2015 year. For 2016: 5 already sent it in for next year at $15, will honor


License Plates – no inquiries


Discount Program –   no new businesses


Social Events/Fundraising

Speaker Check use: was able to put it back to our scholarship fund after a round of emails. $850 profit Social had 47 people attend. Raffle was $225, 50/50 $97, winner gave $40


Bracelets – sold 4, brought in money for Treasurer. Will bring them to Penn State next weekend at PSAA summer session. Should have some left for freshmen sendoff.


THON Event –  Feb 15th, 2017. Wednesday before Presidents weekend, snow day is Feb 22nd, PJs in Cherry Hill. Will be $20 a person as food prices has gone up.


Freshman Send-Off – Sunday Aug 14th, 1-3pm at Laurel Acre Park. Got list for incoming freshmen students. Glitz with last years incoming students but getting it. Reserved pavillion for morning and afternoon so we have all day to set up/party. Going to try and get the lion. Need to get gift cards for speakers. Have flashdrives and gift bags for trivia prizes.

Speakers: Troy Singletom, still looking for others


Christmas Party – n/a


Newsletter/Webpage/Social Media –went over stats for Survey Monkey. Got another member for LinkedIn. Twitter went crazy over Jay Paterno wrong tweet for Shore Chapter.


Community – n/a





Thankful for commettiee, evaluated applications and chose 5 winners out of 60 applicants. Approved.


Old Business


Football ticket raffle:

Tickets purchased and on sale 110 tickets = break even. Sold 3


Student Bus Trip  –

Advertising: Collegian?   website, facebook, freshman send off


Football Bus Trip:

13 bought. 10 with no tickets.


            Great Adventure

                         still emailing back and forth


            Leadership conference  we have 4 spots   2 board members going


New Business:


            Rodeo??  July 20??             Basketball Game Bus Trip, this upcoming season? Partner with other chapters to fill the bus             Hockey Game in Philly: late Jan against Princeton



3 emails to get more involved.


Good of the Organization