March 2016 minutes

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March 16th  2016



Call to Order


Review of Minutes

Approved Feb 2016 minutes


Treasurer’s Report

-THON account: $620. Question is how much to send and how much to keep in account. Voted to send 400, keep $220 for local dancer donations.

-Motioned amounts per scholarships.

Renew state gaming lic


Committee Reports


    Membership –   Paid members to date  154


    License Plates –  n/a


    Discount ProgramTwo new business added, 10 total as of this date  


Social Events/Fundraising


    Bracelets – Laurie is not here


    THON Event –  

        -made about $261. THON fund is now at 600


Freshman Send-Off – park reserved for both morning and afternoon    


    Christmas Party – report,  plaque for Donna McMann


    Chapter Social

        May 14th 2016, noon to 4 pm @ Pennsauken Country Club

        Tickets $35, can mail or on link set up on eventbrite

        Received $500 speakers check from Alumni Assoc. Chambers stated he will either donate it back to Chapter or another charity.

        Regular donations for basket raffle:
-basketball signed by chambers
-another football sent to get signed by franklin
-tickets from trenton thunder and flyers
–>need volunteer to handle basket raffle

        Will hold 50/50

        Invite other local chapters


–>went over some ideas for future speakers, nittany valley society and editor in chief of penn stater magazine


    Newsletter/Webpage/Social Media – 59 twitter followers, including CEO of Alumni Association. Facebook is good. Sent twitter link for newsletter.


    Community –  n/a

Marketing/Publicity/Advertising –  our last social was advertised on Country    station… we site can whoever did this this do it again. Asked for someone to take over contacting news ref events, Dave said he might be interested.


Old Business


    Football ticket Raffle:  Mont. Co will be teaming with us.

        Permit is being submitted  once received back, we can start selling tickets.

        Increase ticket number from 250 to 300?


    Big 50/50?    We decided we should only do one raffle per game, not both a small raffle and large raffle.


Student Bus Transportation   –


    Night at the Flyers 3/30, $45, we get $10 back


    Night at the Phillies, 5/16, we get $10 back


Night at the Fights fund raiser with Abington

    April 30th


New business:


    Penn State Day at Great Adventure, for 100 people $46 dollars for park and all you can eat buffet from 11-2. Will throw the idea around other chapters to see if they are interested.


    -Penn State Cruise on Spirit of Philadelphia with Philly group? Lunch is 50$ for 2 hours

    -Penn State Baseball April 22 3pm, 23 1pm, 24th 1pm baseball game vs Rutgers New Brunswick  


Newsletter: ideas for upcoming newsletter=promote social media presence and list 10 businesses partners


-homecoming bus trip, oct 8th. maryland. $130 a ticket, small tailgate.


Good of the Organization
-banner for Delran childerns fields. $250 for sponsorship banner